During the month of March, AWLA team continued producing clean and safe water through the rehabilitated water systems, a total of (822,000) liters per day. Additionally, the water produced by the rehabilitated points was treated and tested before delivering to beneficiaries with a daily average of 95 FRC tests. The project team continued paying follow-up visits to the beneficiaries during the month.

Chlorine and DPD supplier was contracted to provide the required quantity for the three months following the end of the project and focus group discussions were conducted for the sake of compiling lessons learnt and beneficiaries’ opinion about project impact.
End of March, marked the end of AWLA Project and the beginning of SALA Project. Small Business, Agriculture and Livelihood Assistance (SALA) Project is planned to provide small business, agriculture as well as livestock and beehives to the beneficiaries in the Governorates of Abyan, Al-Dhale’e and Lahaj. SALA project team has already started the recruitment process of the new staff as well as the preparation of data collection tools to initiate the implementation of project activities.