In Hudaydah, the project team continued to provide life- saving medical assistance to AWD and cholera cases in Hudaydah. Through ADRA Cholera Treatment Center in Kamaran hospital, during this reporting period, the Center treated 884 cases through in-patient treatment, and 5,411 through out-patient in both Hudaydah and Hajjah. Both fixed and mobile medical teams were able to continue providing primary health, and maternal consultation to 7,778 cases, of which over 45% were females. As part of the Mother Child Health care, the teams provided ANC 1 and 2 to 339 vulnerable pregnant women of both IDP and host community, routine vaccination for women of child bearing age were given to 172 cases. Minor operations as well as lab tests were also provided to 637 cases. In the preventive strategies, the medical team provided health awareness on various topics such as water borne diseases, the harms of smoking, and infant and young child feeding to 2,298 beneficiaries. Routine vaccination was also provided to 385 children under five. The nutrition teams were also able to screen and treat 229 children 41 SAM cases were enrolled in the OTP program, and 74 MAM cases enrolled in the TSFP. Cases that show signs of complications were referred to the Stabilization Center in Al-Thawra Hospital.