The project aims at the provision of life saving health and nutrition assistance to approximately 448,870 beneficiaries based in one of the most poverty struck areas in the governorates of Hudaydah, Hajjah and Saada , in Yemen. The project has been designed in consultation with women and men from local target communities and local authorities. The project will provide a comprehensive and integrated package of the standard minimum health service package, as well as reproductive and nutrition services that target the most vulnerable individuals in the community. Through the support of the existing health structures as well as building the capacity of health staff, the project will gradually link relief to development and enhance the resilience of the community and health structures to future shocks in the system. The project will undertake the Community Management of Malnutrition Approach (CMAM), thus providing assistance in a community participatory manner, and will target both Children U5 and Pregnant and Lactating Women. As a result the project will have improved utilization of essential health services by the IDPs and isolated host communities, especially women and children and also will have a reduced prevalence of acute malnutrition in CU5 and pregnant and lactating women with a shared responsibility for malnutrition and health issues between local authorities, IDPs, and host community members.


  • Provision of primary health care through implementation of Minimum Health Service Package through fixed and mobile teams
  • Provision of secondary health referral vouchers and chronic health cash vouchers
  • Supporting the capacity of local health facilities to provide essential and life saving services
  • Minor restoration and rehabilitation in health facilities Provide mental health assistance and referral
  • Provision of Antenatal Care and Postnatal to women
  • Screening of children (6-59months) and referral of children with acute malnutrition to treatment programs: Out-patient Therapeutic Program (OTP) & Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program (TSFP)
  • Enrollment of Pregnant or Lactating women to Supplementary Feeding Program Health education for mothers/caregivers of infants through IYCF corners
  • Training Community Health Volunteers on Community Management of Malnutrition
  • Providing routine vaccinations to children under 5
  • Providing health awareness material to beneficiaries on communicable diseases, hygiene, nutrition, SGBV, and how to report cases and/or access care and other services
  • Training health facility staff on communicable disease prevention and electronic disease early warning system