During 2018, ADRA will mainly focus its intervention on responding to the most urgent and lifesaving needs of the community along with a small scale of income generating activities to ensure a better impact. ADRA will distribute food to cover the nutritious intake of the targeted households and will contribute to the wellbeing of the society by giving the same beneficiaries the chance to generate income by improving the hygiene status of their own neighborhoods. Responding to the increased cases of cholera in the targeted area comparing to the rest of Aden, the beneficiaries will conduct house to house hygiene cholera-related awareness. Advocacy and protection activities will continue in 2018 as protection risks persist and community members could hardly access basic services. 2019 to 2021, ADRA will transit from providing emergency to early recovery assistance. The focus will be more on building resilience of the targeted community by providing early recovery and livelihood support. ADRA will provide inputs and training on sustainable business development, marketing, accessing banks and credits in the local markets, and supply chain development.


  • Solid waste management and hygiene awareness activities through cash-for-work activities.
  • Food basket distribution to cover the basic food needs of beneficiaries
  • Community awareness raising and advocacy activities for community members and influential local leaders on humanitarian principles, conflict resolution, and sustainable development
  • Raising awareness and skills on protection and GBV for refugees and IDPs