The ongoing conflict and political instability in Yemen have deepened the humanitarian crisis in the country. More than half of Yemen’s populations is food insecure, and 20 of 22 governorates have been assessed at Crisis or Emergency levels.

The project goal is to increase social and financial well-being among target populations through sustainable livelihood strategies, improved water and sanitation, and more accessible nutrition services. The needs in the country exceed what the humanitarian community can provide, so programming must also work to restore local agriculture production and lost livelihoods that can help displaced households integrate back into their communities and foster broader recovery and rehabilitation efforts. These activities build directly on previous activities in these Sectors and Subsectors funded by OFDA and have aligned with and complemented with ADRA’s ongoing food voucher program funded by USAID/FFP.


  • Increase access to sustainable food supply from restored agricultural livelihoods of conflictaffected households:
    • Livestock
    • Irrigation
  • Increase household income from restored livelihoods of conflict-affected households:
    • Livelihoods Restoration
  • Improve the health of the conflict affected population and address cholera related risks:
    • Water Supply Infrastructure
    • Hygiene Promotion
  • Prevent and treat malnutrition in vulnerable conflict affected communities:
    • Infant and Young Child Feeding and Behavior Change (IYCF)
    • Management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM)
    • Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)