ADRA Yemen is currently working on the incorporation of new activities into SALA project. SALA was initially supports livelihood strategies such as providing livestock, beehives, irrigation equipment, and small business rehabilitation and support. The bulk of additional activities will focus on WASH and Nutrition. ADRA will re-activate the recently completed WASH activities under the AWLA project to address additional needs in Southern Yemen, while also expanding these activities to new geographical areas, including the Northern Districts of Sana’a, Amanat Al Asima, Marib, and Al Jawf. The WASH activities will aim to address existing water access issues, while focusing efforts on cholera response and prevention activities. ADRA will also initiate Nutrition sector activities in direct response to gaps identified through implementation of the USAID Food for Peace voucher program ADRA has implemented over the past year, with a pending proposed continuation through 2018.