Refugees are categorized as being the most vulnerable in the current crisis. They are individuals who have fled war in their own land, only to find war in their host country. It is for this reason that ADRA continues, through its Safia Refugee Center and through partnership with UNHCR, in providing refugee community with a bundle of services which aim at community engagement, and integration of those communities with their host community. This month witnessed the start of two new proficiency and literacy English courses for 70 students from the refugee community. The center also provided ESP TOEFL preparation courses to 10 students. Computer courses were also held this month for 40 Students.

As part of ADRA’s innovative approach in child protection, this month witnessed the actual start-up of the Child Development Center. The center is an expansion of ADRA’s previous work in child protection for refugees, and aims at providing refugee working mothers with a child care and a friendly space for their children during their working hours. The day care (0-3) as well as Early Childhood kindergarten (3-5) have been long standing programs within ADRA for the last 6 years. This year, the refugee program has resumed the Child Development Center, which follows in the footsteps of the proclaimed UNICEF Child Friendly Spaces. The Child Development Center focuses in providing educational and recreational activities to refugee children and youth from the ages (0-17). The center itself is run by volunteer refugee youth both males and females, under the supervision of the Center Coordinator. Although this has been the center’s first month, many of the youth upon hearing about it signed up immediately, with over 200 youth have already signed up in the last two months.